About Me

Hello. If you’ve made it here and you like to nerd out, read and write, you need a freelance writer, or an editor’s perspective, you’re in luck.

Yep, that's me.

Yep, that’s me.

I’m a skilled writer and researcher with an editorial and marketing background and an eye for design. I love to connect readers with stories, whether they’re long-form features, books, or just a telling line about the people behind a business.

Though I’ll always be faithful to the print product (there’s nothing like cracking the spine of a well-made book or thumbing the glossy pages of a new magazine), I look ahead to the digital age by adding value to the printed word through social media, blogging, and coordinating with designers to create visually appealing copy.

About that copy: I like mine clean, concise, and with a punch. To that effect, I’ve written and edited everything from ads to poetry to articles to book-length works.

In my free time, I root for the Louisville Cardinals and Indiana Hoosiers, try not to cry about basketball, write poetry and creative nonfiction, work on my quilt, and hike. I also like to volunteer in education and literacy-promoting organizations.

Styles: Chicago, AP, and MLA

Areas of particular interest: Medtech/medical devices, American history (particularly mid-19th and late-20th centuries), American literature, Romantic poetry

Favorite magazines: The AtlanticOrionForklift, Ohio; American Poetry Review; and Pacific Standard

Technical Proficiencies: Microsoft Office, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress

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