Editorial Services

Need an editor? Why, hello there.

My copy editing training began at the ripe age of 8 years old. From the desk I cleaned with shaving cream at Pine View Elementary, I took a red pencil to the local paper’s front page every day. My teacher called the assignment Daily Oral Language (D.O.L.); the whole class looked for five glaring errors in print. Like an explorer on a white ice-sheet filled with black fissures, I searched for more. It wasn’t every kid’s bag, but I was a little different that way. I relished it. That and the weekly announcement over the P.A. system to “drop everything and read.” (The same year, I also assigned myself homework and turned it in, but I’ll leave that be.)

Decades later, I’m a proud member of ACES: The Society for Editing.

Am I the right editor for you?

I make your point clear. I push language to the fullest extent of the law. I zap errors with my laser-beam eyes. Kiss jargon, run-ons, and misplaced modifiers goodbye. (Don’t know what misplaced modifiers are? Sound arcane? That’s fine. Fixing them is my business.) Don’t worry. I still let style and tone shine through like glitter under a disco ball. After all, I like plain language, but I’m no plain Jane.

Clear copy wins publication, work, and respect. Want some version of that? Hire me.

What do I edit?

Got a book that you know has the stuff but just needs a fresh set of eyes? Dusting off those old white papers and making them client-ready? Let me help you polish them to perfection. I’ve edited scholarly articles, marketing collateral, first-person accounts, government proposals, white papers, books, web copy, and bids for work. I’m fluent in Chicago, AP, GPO, and MLA styles, have taught writing at the university-level, have done in-depth fact-checking, and would be happy to quote an hourly or project rate to suit your editing needs.

Copy editing: Will I check you on grammar, punctuation, and spelling? You betcha. But I’ll also throw in basic fact-checking (checking web links, phone numbers, historical dates, and names), a style sheet, style errors, and let you know about inconsistencies to boot. Leave the nitty gritty to me. I thrive in the details.

 Though basic fact-checking is included in my copy editing service, I’m happy to do in-depth fact-checking or research separately from copy editing services as well.

Developmental editing: So, you’re an idea person. Or, you’ve been writing x for months, and now you can’t see the forest for the trees. Let me cut in for a dance and talk about organization, plot and character development, tone, and syntax. If you’re looking for old-school, 1940s-style editorial assistance, complete with cigar butts and wisecracks, I’m your Girl Friday.

Proofreading: You’ve done it! You’ve written a book, you’ve finished an article, those white papers are wrapped up, and you’ve received (gulp) proofs. I’d be happy to look them over for egregious errors, style and design issues, and simple polishing. Proofreading, as opposed to copy editing, is reserved for work on its way out the door and into the world.

One-on-one Skype meetings: I’d be happy to talk with you face-to-face about specific strategies for improving your writing. Rates for this include reading a 25-page sample of your work, a one-page letter with feedback, and hourly rates to discuss your strengths and potential areas of improvement as a writer.

For more information on rates, shout a holler.

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