Need a writer? You’re in luck.

Hello. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking to hire a writer to highlight your story’s human element, you’re in luck. (Yes, your business, grant, social issue, nonprofit, trade, favorite song, and pet dog are stories that could benefit humanity by showing a little humanity.)

Where curiosity leads, I will follow. (Cue the Carole King.) I love asking questions and looking for answers. (Some call it being nosy. Others call it annoying. I call it an asset.) But above all, I love listening. I believe it’s among the greatest gifts we can give someone else. Story of My Life, the storytelling podcast I produce, lets me do just that. I ask senior citizens age 70-plus how they’ve come to be who they are and where they are.


I’m the one on the right.

As a writer, curiosity makes for some interesting bedfellows. I’ve written about subjects ranging from Flannery O’Connor and rock ‘n’ roll to a veteran who specializes in homing pigeons. My specialties are the profile and the feature; my dream the biography (and making a PBS documentary). But I have experience writing newsletters, marketing emails, social media posts, web content, blog posts, and even healthcare business news—and have worked with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits, regulatory bodies, universities, startups, and small publishers.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined prose as “words in their best order” and poetry as “the best words in their best order.” I strive for the latter in everything I write. I hold degrees in journalism and poetry.

Hire me.

Here’s what you should know about my style: I like plain language, but I’m no plain Jane. I like stories that go deep and copy that goes zing! Let’s talk about your project. Email me at

In my free time, I root for the Louisville Cardinals, write, read books, sew and bake, do yoga, and kill plants with kindness in my garden. Last year, my favorite trips were to Nicaragua and to meet President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter in Plains, Georgia.

Areas of particular interest: American history (particularly mid-19th and 20th centuries), American literature, Romantic poetry, senior citizens, pop music, true crime, off-the-beaten path travel, sewing