Writer & Editor

Hello. Thanks for stopping by! I’m the author of Rodeo in Reverse, winner of the New Southern Voices Poetry Prize, selected by Sean Hill, now available for pre-order. If you’re looking to hire a writer or find an editor who makes copy dangerously readable, you’re in luck. You can hire me.

Photo of Lindsey Alexander, author of Rodeo in Reverse

Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined prose as “words in their best order” and poetry as “the best words in their best order.” I strive for the latter in everything I write and edit. I hold degrees in journalism and poetry.

Here’s what you should know about my style: I like plain language, but I’m no plain Jane. I like stories that go deep and copy that goes zing! Let’s talk about your project. Email me at Lindsey@LDAlexander.com.

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In my free time, I root for the Louisville Cardinals, write, read books, make a podcast, and do yoga. Last year, my favorite trips were to Nicaragua and to meet President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter in Plains, Georgia.

P.S. Are you Connie Britton and you’ve come to this site because you want me to edit your philanthropy web content and ghost write your autobiography? Thought so. I’ve been waiting for you. I will be writing at least one chapter from the perspective of your perfect hair.