About Me

Hello. If you’ve made it here and you like to nerd out and you need a freelance writer or an editor’s perspective, you’re in luck.

Yep, that's me.

Yep, that’s me.

In the lab, microscopic adjustments can cause seismic shifts–resulting in new surfaces, improved energy yields, more effective pharmaceuticals. I, like many scientists, am a tinkerer at heart. Asking the right questions helps me transform jargon, data and interviews into accurate, easy-to-understand, fun-to-read copy.

About that copy: I like mine clean, concise, and with a punch. (I like plain language, but I’m no Plain Jane.)

I’m a skilled writer and content creator with an editorial and marketing background and an eye for design. I love to connect readers with stories–whether they’re long-form features, proposals, or just a telling line about the people behind a business.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined prose as “words in their best order” and poetry as “the best words in their best order.” I strive for the latter in everything I write. I hold degrees in journalism and poetry.

In my free time, I root for the Louisville Cardinals, try not to cry about basketball, write, read books, sew, listen to music, and go outside.

Styles: Chicago and AP

Areas of particular interest: Medtech/medical devices, American history (particularly mid-19th and late-20th centuries), American literature, Romantic poetry, true crime, environmental and material sciences

Favorite magazines: The Atlantic; ScratchForklift, Ohio; American Poetry Review; and Pacific Standard

Technical Proficiencies: Microsoft Office, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress

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