An opinion piece: How Obamacare can survive 2014

healthcare.govWhether you celebrate the healthcare reform law or Obamacare news really grinds your gears, one thing’s for certain: The Affordable Care Act has a lot of hoops to jump through in 2014. From Medicaid expansion to Young Invincibles to politics, read about the six things I think must happen for Obamacare to survive 2014 in one piece and potentially thrive in the future.

In my time as a reporter at MedCity News and now as a freelance contributor, I usually research and write about the medical device industry and trends. This opinion and analysis piece which looks at politics and the wider healthcare industry, rather than medtech and its issues, was a step out for me.

Getting out of the comfort zone pushes writing and thinking. I needed that.

Hope this piece provokes you to think as well.