Cate Blanchett’s got news for healthcare: Women aren’t a “niche.”

If you are reading this, you are probably a woman. Not because it’s women’s history month in the States. Not because International Women’s Day falls this week. Not because only women are interested in women’s writing but because there are more women than men in this world. LinkedIn’s “Pulse” picked up the story for its healthcare section (because probably about half of its readers–or more–are ladies). The medical industries need to consider and invest in this fact.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a life sciences investor and healthcare thought leader Anula Jayasuriya who made this interesting connection: Replace the movie-related words of Cate Blanchett’s fantastic girl-power Oscar acceptance speech with healthcare words.

Women-centered movies aren’t a niche. Neither is women-centered healthcare. Favorite quote:

“People call women’s health a niche, and it’s hard for me to parse that–because how can 51 percent of the population be a niche?” Jayasuriya said.

Click on over to watch Blanchett’s speech and read about the trends driving dollars and doctors to create women’s health solutions.