You Can Pre-Order My Book, Rodeo in Reverse

My debut poetry collection, Rodeo in Reverse, is available for pre-order.

Cover art for Rodeo in Reverse, debut poetry collection

Billy Renkl created the collage for the cover, and Kate Arden McMullen designed this beaut. Isn’t it totally dreamy? When Kate sent it, I sent her a professional email back asking her to marry me. I know the cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but I hate clichés, don’t you? Please judge my book by its cover.

In case you’re curious about the inside, though, if you like collage, I think you’ll like this book of poems. Here are a few endorsements:

When Sean Hill, author of Dangerous Goods, selected Rodeo in Reverse as the winner for the New Southern Voices Poetry Prize, he called it “the genuine article.”

When my sister shared it on Facebook, she said, “Not only will it be a great read (duh), it’ll make my coffee table look damn fancy .”

In the words of poet Marianne Boruch, author of The Book of Hours and Cadaver, Speak:

Abe Lincoln, Patty Hearst, Van Gogh, Mary Magdalene, Sonny and Cher, Buddha’s wife, Axl Rose, Bad Me/Good Me—all are radiant presences in this remarkable collection made of quirky, sudden shifts of observation and wise insight that enlarge the world. ‘Dog that won’t stop barking and all I can think:/ I don’t know anything about stars,’ the poet tells us. But history’s dark is here too, love’s humor and reason, a band on the radio not ‘holding grudges’ for once. My bet is you’ve never read poems like these: such surprise, curiosity, and wise-guy delight, such heart and—yes!—soul. Treasure this work. And this poet.

Pre-order it here.

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Want to know how I landed on the title? Click here.

*In all seriousness, having writers and people I admire so much endorse this book, make this book, and edit this book, and friends who, before there was any telling it would ever be a book, offered all kinds of help and encouragement, is making for one of the most humbling experiences in my life. I’m grateful beyond measure.